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: Logics for Computer and Data Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence
: Lech T. Polkowski
: Springer
: 2022
: 372
: 10 Mb
: English

This volume offers the reader a systematic and throughout account of branches of logic instrumental for computer science, data science and artificial intelligence. Addressed in it are propositional, predicate, modal, epistemic, dynamic, temporal logics as well as applicable in data science many-valued logics and logics of concepts (rough logics). It offers a look into second-order logics and approximate logics of parts.
The book concludes with appendices on set theory, algebraic structures, computability, complexity, MV-algebras and transition systems, automata and formal grammars.
By this composition of the text, the reader obtains a self-contained exposition that can serve as the textbook on logics and relevant disciplines as well as a reference text.


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