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: Raised-Bed Gardening: How to grow more in less space
: Simon Akeroyd
: Taunton Press
: 2016
: 195
: 37
: English

Whatever the size of your garden or outdoor space, raised beds can work for you. With Simon Akeroyds Raised-Bed Gardening: How to Grow More in Less Space, home gardeners will find the perfect bed to suit their needs and objectives.
Greater yields and less watering are the keys to using and maintaining raised garden beds. The heart of the book comprises step-by-step instructions for building and maintaining 15 types of raised beds from the conventional to the innovative keyhole garden, which is particularly effective in hot and dry climates, to rooftop. The book also offers plans for raised-bed dining areas and designs to be used by children.
Illustrated with 250 images, Raised-Bed Gardening answers numerous questions, including how big and high to make a bed, using reclaimed and recycled materials, extending the season, tackling pests, watering and water conservation, and maintenance.

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