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: Popular Mechanics Workshop: Scroll Saw Fundamentals: The Complete Guide
: Rick Peters
: Hearst
: 2005
: 12
: / English

With expert advice, color photos, drawings, and exploded diagrams, Popular Mechanics reveals exactly what the endlessly versatile and extremely popular scroll saw can do. By first explaining how the scroll saw works, then offering basic techniques, and finally presenting simple projects, this invaluable manual provides an education that woodworkers can draw on for years to come. Everything about this must-have tool is covered: cutting wood to precise dimension, enlarging and reducing patterns, pattern and template placement, inside and outside cuts, and advanced techniques, such as bevel and compound sawing. There's even a visual "anatomy" of available scroll saws, along with guidance on maintenance and troubleshooting. The great projects include a potpourri box, collapsible basket, plate holder and compound-cut chess set.


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