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: Circular Scroll Saw Designs: Fretwork Patterns for Trivets, Coasters, Wall Art & More (Fox Chapel Publishing) 27 Scrolling Patterns, Step-by-Step Tutorials, How-To Tips, Intricate Contemporary Designs
: Charles R. Hand
: Fox Chapel Publishing
: 2021
: epub
: 112
: 83.2 Mb
: English

Get a fresh take on fretwork!
27 intricate patterns to make on your scroll saw, including trivets, coasters, and wall plaques
Step-by-step tutorials for three complete projects: a trivet, lazy Susan, and plaque
Contemporary designs of peace signs, butterflies, flowers, mandalas, and other intricate patterns
Expert tips for wood selection, blank preparation, blade selection, stack cutting, and more
Author Charles R. Hand is a talented designer and award-winning scroller
Create a collection of contemporary fretwork scroll saw projects!
Offering a modern twist on a traditional artform, this complete guide features how-to tips, three helpful step-by-step tutorials, and an array of versatile fretwork designs that vary in difficulty for trivets, wall plaques, coasters, and more!
The included 27 scroll saw patterns feature dragonflies, teddy bears, Christmas trees, snowflakes, fish, shamrocks, sunbursts, hearts, and other fresh designs to challenge your scroll saw skills. Most of the patterns are full-size and can be used at 100% scale for direct and convenient photocopying, but you can shrink or enlarge the patterns depending on your purpose for the finished design, providing endless possibilities!
This must-have guide is perfect for scrollers of all skill levels, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. After sharing insightful guidance in an overview on materials, tools, basic techniques, and finishing tips, author Charles R. Hand will walk you through three complete step-by-step projects with coordinating photography to make a Teddy Bear Trivet, a Spring Flower Lazy Susan, and a Summer Love Plaque. From there, you'll get to challenge and build your scroll saw skills through 24 additional scroll saw patterns, including peace signs, guitars, butterflies, flowers, mandalas, and other intricate designs.
In 112 information-packed pages, this exciting project guide will show you everything you need to know to accomplish intricate trivets, coasters, and wall plaques. Also included is insightful information on wood selection and size, prepping blanks, selecting blades, and more, plus an inspirational gallery of completed designs to jump-start your creativity!
Author Charles R. Hand is an accomplished designer and award-winning scroll saw artist with a love for fretwork, intarsia, segmentation, and inlay. A regular and well-received contributor to Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine, he also sells his work to a worldwide clientele on his website, Making Dust with Charles Hand.
Have fun with fretwork and make stunning trivets, coasters, and wall plaques, all while exploring a modern twist on a traditional artform, with Circular Scroll Saw Designs!


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