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Ukulele for Beginners Second Edition

: Ukulele for Beginners Second Edition
Imagine Publishing Limited
: English
: pdf
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People of all ages and abilities can play the ukulele, from the complete novice to the musical maestro looking to add another instrument to their repertoire. Perhaps that's why so many people are picking up this handy and versatile instrument, and this book has everything you need to start making music with your new ukulele. We'll take you through choosing which type of uke is best for you, through warm ups and basic chords, to learning how to read tablature and musical notation, through to playing tunes in the styles of your favourite artists, from Taylor Swift and One Direction to Green Day and Elvis Presley. Pick up this book and start strumming!

In this issue...

Everything you need to start playing the ukulele

Getting started
- Pick your ukulele, learn how to take care of it and get ready to play

- Master basic chords, strumming patterns, finger-picking and more

Reading music
- Get to grips with tablature, notation and chord charts and start playing your favourite tunes

Play in the style of...
- Re-create the sound of artists like One Direction, Lorde, Bruno Mars and Bob Marley

Also inside...
- Get to know your ukulele
- Choose the right ukulele
- Tune your ukulele
- Hold your ukulele
- Take care of your ukulele
- Restring your ukulele
- Essential accessories
- Warm up your hands
- Stretch to improve
- Notes, strings and frets
- Play basic ukulele chords
- Basic chord progression
- Strum your ukulele
- Strum for different genres
- Practise with basic chords
- Master chnking
- Play barre chords
- Barre chord tips
- Use a capo
- Finger pick
- Tremolo pick
- Mute strings
- Learn to slide
- Practise with more chords
- Practise string bending
- Play in octaves
- Get to grips with recording
- Play ukulele with others
- Useful apps for ukulele
- Useful sites for ukulele
- Read ukulele tabs
- What is musical notation?
- Introducing the staves
- Notes and their values
- Read musical notation
- Understand time signatures
- Interpret key signatures
- Rests and repetition
- Introducing musical scales
- The major scale
- The minor scale
- The major pentatonic scale
- The minor pentatonic scale
- The blues scale
- Playing solos
- Ukulele improvisation
- Traditional Hawaiian music
- One Direction
- Green Day
- Mumford and Sons
- Amy Winehouse
- Ed Sheeran
- Bruno Mars
- Nile Rodgers
- Foo Fighters
- Kanye West
- Taylor Swift
- The Smiths
- Bob Marley
- Elvis Presley
- FAQs
- Your glossary
- Chord charts



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