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: Beginning Android Progrmaming with Android Studio
: Roger Deutsch
: 2017
: 320
: 26 Mb
: English

Note: Beginning Android Programming was previously published as Launch Your Android App.
Beginning Android Programming will teach you to develop Android Apps using Android Studio while walking through the creation of three complete apps. You will learn how to use various layouts and controls (ScrollView, ListViews and more). You'll learn how to create and write to files and the required permissions to allow apps to write to files. You'll learn Sqlite database creation with inserting and updating data while you create an app which allows you to Capture text data from other apps (QuoteCap). You'll learn all this and much more and I've written this book using a method which incorporates over 200 images so you can see exactly what you will see when you sit down in front of Android Studio and develop your own apps. Learn As You Read Read the book and see every screenshot youll encounter as you actually develop your app. Then, when you sit down to write your own app you will speed through development. I am writing the book as a walk-through in an attempt to create a better information product. I am hoping that this method will allow you to read and experience development as if you are looking over an Android developer's shoulder. I believe this will be an effective way of covering the intense subject of Android Development. Attempt At Creating A Hybrid Format This is somewhat of a hybrid format of a video tutorial merged with a book. What Am I Attempting to Solve With This Format? It's an attempt to solve the challenge of reading a book and needing to type code to see the results. Instead, here you will be able to focus on reading and experiencing the code as if you are looking over an Android developer's shoulder the first time. Then, after reading the chapter, it will be far easier to go and write the code yourself only briefly referring back to the book. Is There Value Added? I believe, even if you are an advanced developer you will find the walk-through quite interesting, because you can simply skim through the article (and book) as a preview of what you will see when you sit down and work with Android Studio. I hope you find this enjoyable. Here are some more details of the book provided in my introductory chapter. Introduction What will Launch Your Android App cover? Everything from installing Android Studio through deploying your Android app to the Google Play store. Focus On Running Apps The main focus is on getting your App running. You will learn how to develop Android apps, but we will always focus on running your app on emulators and devices. Deploying code to devices and emulators requires a few tricks and this book will empower you to be able to deploy to those devices so you can see your app run everywhere.


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