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: Using Python to Develop Analytics, Control and Machine Learning Products
: Zhaoyang Wan
: Independently published
: 2017
: 108
: 10 Mb
: English

People are saying the Internet of Things is the next wave of technology revolution. This book provides a way to ride the wave. The book begins with fundamental theories and core features of Python programming language. Then it progresses to developing 3 increasing complex analytics, control and learning products. Throughout the book, I call the analytics software a product instead of a service. This is because I think Product represents a tighter integration of software, hardware and engineering, with the feature of easy use as appliances. To achieve that, the book covers entire end to end development and every aspect of integration, it is Python's highly abstract programming philosophy and its broad ecosystem that enable it. The revolution comes from new generation, because each new generation must go through the basic cognitive process from infant to adulthood and learn the entire human knowledge again to be able to improve upon it. To ride this next wave of technology revolution, we need to abstract as broad and deep knowledge as possible, and rebuild the world.


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