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: Margarita N. Favorskaya, Lakhmi C. Jain
: Computer Vision in Control Systems-4: Real Life Applications
: Springer
: 2017
: Intelligent Systems Reference Library (Book 136)
ISBN: 9783319679938
: English
: epub, pdf
: 19,8 mb
: 317

The book gathers selected contributions addressing a number of real-life applications including the identification of handwritten texts, watermarking techniques, simultaneous localization and mapping for mobile robots, motion control systems for mobile robots, analysis of indoor human activity, facial image quality assessment, android device controlling, processing medical images, clinical decision-making and foot progression angle detection.

Given the tremendous interest among researchers in the development and applications of computer vision paradigms in the field of business, engineering, medicine, security and aviation, the book offers a timely guide for all PhD students, professors, researchers and software developers working in the areas of digital video processing and computer vision technologies.


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