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: Beginning Django: Web Application Development and Deployment with Python
: Daniel Rubio
: Apress
: 2017
: 593
: 13 Mb
: English

Discover the Django web application framework and get started building Python-based web applications. This book takes you from the basics of Django all the way through to cutting-edge topics such as creating RESTful applications. Beginning Django also covers ancillary, but essential, development topics, including configuration settings, static resource management, logging, debugging, and email. Along with material on data access with SQL queries, youll have all you need to get up and running with Django 1.11 LTS, which is compatible with Python 2 and Python 3.

Once youve built your web application, youll need to be the admin, so the next part of the book covers how to enforce permission management with users and groups. This technique allows you to restrict access to URLs and content, giving you total control of your data. In addition, youll work with and customize the Django admin site, which provides access to a Django projects data.

After reading and using this book, youll be able to build a Django application top to bottom and be ready to move on to more advanced or complex Django application development.

What You'll Learn
Get started with the Django framework
Use Django views, class-based views, URLs, middleware, forms, templates, and Jinja templates
Take advantage of Django models, including model relationships, migrations, queries, and forms
Leverage the Django admin site to get access to the database used by a Django project
Deploy Django REST services to serve as the data backbone for mobile, IoT, and SaaS systems
Who This Book Is For

Python developers new to the Django web application development framework and web developers new to Python and Django.


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