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: Walter Gander, Martin J. Gander, Felix Kwok
: Scientific Computing: An Introduction using Maple and MATLAB
: Springer
: 2014
: Texts in Computational Science and Engineering (Book 11)
ISBN: 9783319043241
: English
: pdf
: 10,1 mb
: 905

This book serves as an introduction to both the theory and practice of scientific computing, with each chapter presenting the basic algorithms that serve as the workhorses of many scientific codes; we explain both the theory behind these algorithms and how they must be implemented in order to work reliably in finite-precision arithmetic.

The book includes many programs written in Matlab and Maple Maple is often used to derive numerical algorithms, whereas Matlab is used to implement them. The theory is developed in such a way that students can learn by themselves as they work through the text. Each chapter contains numerous examples and problems to help readers understand the material hands-on.


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