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: Reinforcement Learning: With Open AI, TensorFlow and Keras Using Python
: Abhishek Nandy,? Manisha Biswas
: Apress
: 2018
: 174
: 16 Mb
: English

Master reinforcement learning, a popular area of machine learning, starting with the basics: discover how agents and the environment evolve and then gain a clear picture of how they are inter-related. Youll then work with theories related to reinforcement learning and see the concepts that build up the reinforcement learning process.

Reinforcement Learning discusses algorithm implementations important for reinforcement learning, including Markovs Decision process and Semi Markov Decision process. The next section shows you how to get started with Open AI before looking at Open AI Gym. Youll then learn about Swarm Intelligence with Python in terms of reinforcement learning.

The last part of the book starts with the TensorFlow environment and gives an outline of how reinforcement learning can be applied to TensorFlow. Theres also coverage of Keras, a framework that can be used with reinforcement learning. Finally, you'll delve into Googles Deep Mind and see scenarios where reinforcement learning can be used.

What You'll Learn
Absorb the core concepts of the reinforcement learning process
Use advanced topics of deep learning and AI
Work with Open AI Gym, Open AI, and Python
Harness reinforcement learning with TensorFlow and Keras using Python

Who This Book Is For

Data scientists, machine learning and deep learning professionals, developers who want to adapt and learn reinforcement learning.


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