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: Embedded System Design: Introduction to SoC System Architecture
: Mohit Arora
: Learning Bytes Publishing
: 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9972972-0-1
: 213
: 10.82
: English

The book's aim is to highlight all the complex issues, tasks and techniques that must be mastered by a SoC Architect to define and architect SoC for an embedded application. This book is primary focused on real problems with emphasis on architectural techniques across various aspects of chip-design, especially in context to embedded systems. The book covers aspects of embedded systems in a consistent way, starting with basic concepts that provides introduction to embedded systems and gradually increasing the depth to reach advanced concepts, such as power management and design consideration for maximum power efficiency and higher battery life. Theoretical part has been intentionally kept to the minimum that is essentially required to understand the subject. The guidelines explained across various chapters are independent of any CAD tool or silicon process and are applicable to any SoC architecture targeted for embedded systems.


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