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: The Art of Agile Development
: James Shore and Shane Warden
: OReilly Media, Inc.
: 2008
: 432
: 14,98
: English

The Art of Agile Development contains practical guidance for anyone considering or applying agile development for building valuable software. Plenty of books describe what agile development is or why it helps software projects succeed, but very few combine information for developers, managers, testers, and customers into a single package that they can apply directly.

This book provides no-nonsense advice on agile planning, development, delivery, and management taken from the authors' many years of experience with Extreme Programming (XP). You get a gestalt view of the agile development process, including comprehensive guidance for non-technical readers and hands-on technical practices for developers and testers.

The Art of Agile Development gives you clear answers to questions such as:

How can we adopt agile development?
Do we really need to pair program?
What metrics should we report?
What if I can't get my customer to participate?
How much documentation should we write?
When do we design and architect?
As a non-developer, how should I work with my agile team?
Where is my product roadmap?
How does QA fit in?


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