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: Agile Adoption & Transformation: Principles, Challenges, Pitfalls
: Brian Will
: Paroxys, LLC
ISBN: 1983000574
: 2018
: 412
: epub
: 10.1 MB

Understand what Agile can and cannot do for you.

Virtually all companies and organizations of various sizes nowadays are either using Agile processes or are currently adopting them. Many organization are transforming their processes from previous methodologies into Agile. Whereas just several years ago Agile might have been considered leading edge and a competitive advantage for companies, today following Agile processes is a must hence Agile Adoption and Transformation describes key challenges faced by many. Regardless of industry, every company is trying to do more with less becoming leaner, faster, and more responsive to market feedback has become a success imperative. This book represents a unique perspective in that it does not simply show how Agile should work, but highlights common challenges and pitfalls many companies face. Focused on anyone involved in an effort to either adopt an Agile process or take their organization from an existing process through to a successful Agile transformation, this book highlights the problems and provides guidance through clear and simple solutions.


Agile Adoption & Transformation: Principles, Challenges, Pitfalls


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