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: Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth
: Martin C. Brown
: Wiley
: 2006
: 401
: English

Google Maps allows users to map out single locations, get driving directions, or map a group of locations; Google Earth enables users to zoom into any point on the globe and display various information using satellite and high altitude photos for display. For hackers and modders, Google Maps and Earth are ripe for some very interesting projects-users are creating their own virtual site-seeing tours and displaying real time traffic . . . and that's just the beginning. This one-of-a-kind resource contains 500 pages of jaw-dropping hacks, mods, and customizations, including creating mashups with data from other sources such as Flickr, building a space station tracker, hacking Maps with Firefox PiggyBank, and building a complete community site with Maps and Earth Other unique projects show readers how to find any golf course in the world, hack maps with statistical data, build interactive maps, and integrate Maps and Earth with Google search, just to name a few.


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