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: Advanced Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB
: Shengrong Gong
: Springer
: 2018
: 590
: 55 Mb
: English

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to advanced methods for image and video analysis and processing. It covers deraining, dehazing, inpainting, fusion, watermarking and stitching. It describes techniques for face and lip recognition, facial expression recognition, lip reading in videos, moving object tracking, dynamic scene classification, among others.

The book combines the latest machine learning methods with computer vision applications, covering topics such as event recognition based on deep learning,dynamic scene classification based on topic model, person re-identification based on metric learning and behavior analysis. It also offers a systematic introduction to image evaluation criteria showing how to use them in different experimental contexts.

The book offers an example-based practical guide to researchers, professionals and graduate students dealing with advanced problems in image analysis and computer vision.


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