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: Getting Started with Lazarus and Free Pascal: Learning by doing
: Menkaura Abiola-Ellison
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018 (Kindle Edition)
: 372
: epub
: 10.1 MB

Whether you want to develop your own database application or develop a web application, or even 2D, 3D, or Animation programs. Getting Started with Lazarus & Free Pascal is quite simply the friendliest, most inspiring Lazarus with Free Pascal programming book available.In this book you will find out how to tackle Object-Oriented Programming using Lazarus with Free Pascal, with confidence. Getting Started with Lazarus & Free Pascals simple, step-by-step format makes it a must-have book for aspiring programmers. Learn how to master key programming techniques, from simple topics to more advanced topics, following clear instructions with images. For example, find out how to write simple file handling, user-friendly GUI applications, graphics programming, database programming, error trapping, exception handling, debugging techniques, including code documentation and much more.Discover the strength of over 230 Lazarus Component Libraries. This book is packed with inspirational and practical hands-on projects that are easy-to-follow. Each chapter will take you from start to finish with clear step-by-step instructions, along with examples for you to try out. Each chapter ends with suggestion to try out allowing you to test yourself on what you have learnt. This book is very much a hands-on book and you are required to roll your sleeves up and get stuck-in!Perfect for enthusiasts who want to develop their programming skills and ideal for the beginner, intermediate and advanced developers wishing to migrate to Lazarus quickly.

Getting Started with Lazarus and Free Pascal: Learning by doing


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