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: A Beginners Guide to Image Preprocessing Techniques (Intelligent Signal Processing and Data Analysis)
: Jyotismita Chaki, Nilanjan Dey
: CRC Press
: 2019
: 114
: 10 Mb
: English

For optimal computer vision outcomes, attention to image pre-processing is required so that one can improve image features by eliminating unwanted falsification. This book emphasizes various image pre-processing methods which are necessary for early extraction of features from the image. Effective use of image pre-processing can offer advantages and resolve complications that finally results in improved detection of local and global features. Different approaches for image enrichments and improvements are conferred in this book that will affect the feature analysis depending on how the procedures are employed.

Key Features

Describes the methods used to prepare images for further analysis which includes noise removal, enhancement, segmentation, local, and global feature description
Includes image data pre-processing for neural networks and deep learning
Covers geometric, pixel brightness, filtering, mathematical morphology transformation, and segmentation pre-processing techniques
Illustrates a combination of basic and advanced pre-processing techniques essential to computer vision pipeline
Details complications to resolve using image pre-processing


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