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: Natural Language Processing with PyTorch: Build Intelligent Language Applications Using Deep Learning
: Delip Rao, Brian McMahan
: O'Reilly Media
: 2019
: 256
: 16 Mb
: English

Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers unbounded opportunities for solving interesting problems in artificial intelligence, making it the latest frontier for developing intelligent, deep learning-based applications. If youre a developer or researcher ready to dive deeper into this rapidly growing area of artificial intelligence, this practical book shows you how to use the PyTorch deep learning framework to implement recently discovered NLP techniques. To get started, all you need is a machine learning background and experience programming with Python.

Author Delip Rao provides you with a solid grounding in PyTorch, and deep learning algorithms, for building applications involving semantic representation of text. Each chapter includes several code examples and illustrations.

Get extensive introductions to NLP, deep learning, and PyTorch
Understand traditional NLP methods, including NLTK, SpaCy, and gensim
Explore embeddings: high quality representations for words in a language
Learn representations from a language sequence, using the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
Improve on RNN results with complex neural architectures, such as Long Short Term Memories (LSTM) and Gated Recurrent Units
Explore sequence-to-sequence models (used in translation) that read one sequence and produce another


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