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: Grokking Deep Learning
: Andrew Trask
: Manning Publications
: 2019
: 335
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: 13.9 MB

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies of the century, and Deep Learning is in many ways the 'brain' behind some of the world's smartest Artificial Intelligence systems out there. Loosely based on neuron behavior inside of human brains, these systems are rapidly catching up with the intelligence of their human creators, defeating the world champion Go player, achieving superhuman performance on video games, driving cars, translating languages, and sometimes even helping law enforcement fight crime. Deep Learning is a revolution that is changing every industry across the globe.

There are two major groups of deep learning educational material (such as books and courses). One group is focused around how to use popular frameworks and code libraries like Torch, TensorFlow, Keras, and others. The other group is focused around teaching deep learning itself, otherwise known as the science under the hood of these major frameworks. Ultimately, learning about both is important.

Grokking Deep Learning is the perfect place to begin the deep learning journey. Rather than just learning the "black box" API of some library or framework, readers will actually understand how to build these algorithms completely from scratch.

About the Reader:
Written for readers with high school-level math and intermediate programming skills. Experience with Calculus is helpful but not required.

What's Inside:
How neural networks 'learn'
You will build neural networks that can see and understand images
You will build neural networks that can translate text between languages and even write like Shakespeare
You will build neural networks that can learn how to play videogames

Grokking Deep Learning


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