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: Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning, Second Edition
: Thimira Amaratunga
: Independently published
: 2019
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 13.9 MB

New 2019 Edition!
Build Deeper is a complete and practical guide that can help you take the first few steps in deep learning. It will guide you step-by-step, from understanding the basic concepts, to building your first practical application.

Deep Learning is the latest iteration of AI. Although the concept itself has been around for many years, deep learning has become popular during the past few years due to the remarkable breakthroughs it continues to achieve. What was science fiction a decade ago, is now becoming a reality. Thanks to deep learning, AI technologies are increasingly becoming a part of our household. Today, most of our consumer devices and services have some sort of AI built into them. Maybe its time you joined the revolution. You too can start contributing to this AI drive.

It covers:
What Deep Learning is, and where it fits with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
How Deep Learning came to be, its predecessors, and the path it took to evolve into what it is today.
The important milestones it has passed through the years, and the impact they had on the field.
What tools are available for us to learn and build deep learning applications, and how to set them up: Python, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, and more, on any OS of your choosing: Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.
Building our first simple deep learning model.
The internal workings of a deep learning model.
Using more advanced topics such as Data Augmentation, Transfer Learning, Bottleneck Features, and Fine Tuning to build a practical deep learning application.
Getting started with Computer Vision.

All you need now is a little enthusiasm who knows where it will take you!
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Build Deeper: The Path to Deep Learning, Second Edition


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