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: Blockchain for Distributed Systems Security
: Sachin S. Shetty, Charles A. Kamhoua
: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
ISBN: 1119519608
: 2019
: 352
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: 10.1 MB

An essential guide to using blockchain to provide flexibility, cost-savings, and security to data management, data analysis, and information sharing.

Blockchain for Distributed Systems Security contains a description of the properties that underpin the formal foundations of Blockchain technologies and explores the practical issues for deployment in cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. The authorsnoted experts in the fieldpresent security and privacy issues that must be addressed for Blockchain technologies to be adopted for civilian and military domains. The book covers a range of topics including data provenance in cloud storage, secure IoT models, auditing architecture, and empirical validation of permissioned Blockchain platforms.

The book's security and privacy analysis helps with an understanding of the basics of Blockchain and it explores the quantifying impact of the new attack surfaces introduced by Blockchain technologies and platforms. In addition, the book contains relevant and current updates on the topic. This important resource:

Provides an overview of Blockchain-based secure data management and storage for cloud and IoT
Covers cutting-edge research findings on topics including invariant-based supply chain protection, information sharing framework, and trust worthy information federation
Addresses security and privacy concerns in Blockchain in key areas, such as preventing digital currency miners from launching attacks against mining pools, empirical analysis of the attack surface of Blockchain, and more

Written for researchers and experts in computer science and engineering, Blockchain for Distributed Systems Security contains the most recent information and academic research to provide an understanding of the application of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Distributed Systems Security


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