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: Cognitive Computing Recipes: Artificial Intelligence Solutions Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and TensorFlow
: Adnan Masood, Adnan Hashmi
: Apress
: 2019
: True PDF/ePub
: 437
: 51.3 Mb
: English

Solve your AI and machine learning problems using complete and real-world code examples. Using a problem-solution approach, this book makes deep learning and machine learning accessible to everyday developers, by providing a combination of tools such as cognitive services APIs, machine learning platforms, and libraries.
Along with an overview of the contemporary technology landscape, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Cognitive Computing Recipes covers the business case for machine learning and deep learning. Covering topics such as digital assistants, computer vision, text analytics, speech, and robotics process automation this book offers a comprehensive toolkit that you can apply quickly and easily in your own projects. With its focus on Microsoft Cognitive Services offerings, youll see recipes using multiple different environments including TensowFlow and CNTK to give you a broader perspective of the deep learning ecosystem.
What You Will Learn
Build production-ready solutions using Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs
Apply deep learning using TensorFlow and Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)
Solve enterprise problems in natural language processing and computer vision
Discover the machine learning development life cycle from formal problem definition to deployment at scale
Who This Book Is For
Software engineers and enterprise architects who wish to understand machine learning and deep learning by building applications and solving real-world business problems.


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