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: Mastering Professional Scrum: Coaches' Notes for Busting Myths, Solving Challenges, and Growing Agility (Rough Cuts)
: Stephanie Ockerman, Simon Reindl
: Addison-Wesley Professional
: 2019
: 224
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

For Scrum Teams and Agile Leaders who want to enable greater business agility, this book is a practical guide to overcoming challenges and maximizing the benefits of Scrum, unlike books that are focused on basic understanding of the framework, or are too heavy on theory.

Mastering Professional Scrum is based on years of training, coaching, and working with Scrum to deliver products across many industry sectors, from startups to multinationals all around the world. The book begins with an overview of why business agility matters and why Scrum works. Then the authors cover the situations that cause organizations to have to change the way they do things, and the challenges of a rapidly evolving marketplace. Adopting an approach that is based on high quality and fast feedback helps to manage risk and provide the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and situations. The importance of professionalism in the industry is introduced.

Many Scrum implementations have drifted from the framework and/or are going through the motions without the true spirit of professionalism and transformation. This common pitfall will be examined using a case study to be referenced throughout the book. The case study will be representative of where many existing Scrum Teams and organizations may find themselves a team has been doing Scrum and has seen some benefits, but there are still many challenges that arise from both within the team and from pressures in the organization and the market.

Who Should Read this Book:
This book is intended for people who have a working knowledge of Scrum, who may be doing many things right but want to improve. You may be a Scrum Master, but you could also be a Development Team member or a Product Owner; the important thing is that you want to, and need to, improve. If you want to learn about Scrum, we suggest you start with the Scrum Guide, a class about Scrum, or one of the many excellent introductory books on the subject.

Mastering Professional Scrum: Coaches' Notes for Busting Myths, Solving Challenges, and Growing Agility (Rough Cuts)


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