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: Applications of Machine Learning in Wireless Communications
: Ruisi He, Zhiguo Ding
: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
: 2019
: 492
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Machine Learning (ML) explores the study and development of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions and decisions based on data. Applications of machine learning in wireless communications have been receiving a lot of attention, especially in the era of big data and IoT, where data mining and data analysis technologies are effective approaches to solving wireless system evaluation and design issues.

This edited book presents current and future developments and trends in wireless communication technologies based on contributions from machine learning and other fields of artificial intelligence, including channel modelling, signal estimation and detection, energy efficiency, cognitive radios, wireless sensor networks, vehicular communications, and wireless multimedia communications. The book is aimed at a readership of researchers, engineers and students working on wireless communications and machine learning, especially those working with big data and artificial intelligence multi-disciplinary fields related to wireless communication technologies.

Applications of Machine Learning in Wireless Communications


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