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: Deep Learning with Python: The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Deep Learning with Python
: Alex Root
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub/mobi/azw3/pdf(conv.)
: 123
: 10.2 Mb
: English

This book offers you everything you need to learn what machine learning is and how to take it further with deep learning. A relatively new field in data science, programmers are only just starting to delve into the possibilities and the potential uses for deep learning but, as we head further into a digital world, a world of technology, this is one subject that is on the fast track.
What You Will Learn:
What machine learning is?
An overview of supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning
How machine learning differs from deep learning?
Why Python is the language to use?
The basics of Keras
What deep learning is?
What neural networks are and how they work?
All about loss functions
Image processing
Text data processing
Word embeddings
Real-world applications of deep learning
And more


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