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: Python Programming for Beginners: The ultimate crash course in Python programming. A comprehensive guide to mastering the powerful programming language and learn machine learning
: Leonard Base
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub/azw3/pdf(conv.)
: 10 Mb
: English

Python programming has become one of the most common programming languages people use. Everything that it does for the coding world is bringing a live language that can be used in software. It has become the common programs used in websites and other digitalized materials that exist. It helps one to get through machines and any coded messages in any software that is already there. There are many more programs but this has been circled for this book. For a better understanding of how software programs actually work and how you can start learning slowly by slowly with no hurry.
So what does this book entail? There are basic principles of python programming. These are the first steps or the introductions to what is python programming. There are also the basic features of python programming which are included in the introduction part. The other thing is knowing how to install python. In this you generally learn how to install python into the existing operating systems. The operating systems include Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating systems. After knowing how to install python then what follows is knowing how to run it in the system. The next thing is understanding the integrated development environment. What comes next is your first program in the python and here one has to know their variables. Getting to know what the variables are is the next thing that is discussed. They are divided into two which are numbers and strings. There are other aspects tired into the variables which are the identifiers and keywords and the other set is the comments and the statements. These are big parts of the python. Also learn about the basic operators in the python. The other thing discusses the data types that are used in the python. There are two major which are the number and the number conversion. The number is very clear but the number conversion is divided into two and that is decimal and the fraction. Other things that is discusseshe mathematics used in the python. There is also the type of conversion that is used and also what typecasting. There is also about the input, output, and import used in the python. Learn how to syntax in this book through the python. Find out the functions demystified that are used in the python programming. Also learn about the variable scope that is used in python. Finally learn about the data process, analysis, and visualization in the python.


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