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: Learn Python Programming: A Beginners Guide to Learn the Hard Way Visually in One Day and Learn It Well Hands-on Learning With Basics Of Computer Language And Python Coding With Practical Exercises
: Phil J. Hack
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: 143
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

Have you been thinking about learning Python Programming for long time? STOP wasting time!! Keep reading and learn more. If you came across this book I am sure you know the incredible impact Python Programming has these days. Python is a simplistic language, however, without something to guide you through the fundamental concepts of programming, you can easily learn everything the wrong way and someday anger all of your programmer friends. With the help of this Python Programming, you will take the very first step in exploring programming in general, as well as the capabilities of Python.

In this book you will learn all the core concepts, one step at a time and this is the same approach you should take when practicing. You will learn new operations you can perform on the various data types and data structures, and then work to get used to relying more and more on object-oriented programming techniques. Use this knowledge to pursue machine learning projects, create robots, or build the next big web application that will take over the world.

More specifically this guide will take you through:

Specific Python Basic Syntax Rules, Variables and Values
The Theory of Computer Programming
Working With Your Objects And Classes Inside Of Python
How to Use Your Python Skills
Working with the K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
Making a Basic Python Game: Hangman
Machine Learning Models
Tips For Success
Practical exercises to text your skills... and much more!

Even if you arent an expert, you dont need any kind of special talent to become a programmer, or even a data scientist.
All you need to do is understand the theory and then put it in application. If you cant grasp it at first, break it down and study it line by line.

Squeeze the knowledge out of Python and apply it in the real world!

Learn Python Programming: A Beginners Guide to Learn the Hard Way Visually in One Day


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