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: Scrum for Beginners: An Ultimate Guide to Increase Productivity and Performances
: Zane Littman
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
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Scrum is simple. There are few practices, only straightforward. But Scrum is difficult. The Scrum methodology consists of this process definition and the Scrum Project Management Program, which provides automated support for some of these tasks. The Scrum technique is a comprehensive framework for handling product development. Scrum can be fully scaled from small to large projects, from easy to complex projects. Scrum is an agile technique, so the likelihood of success with Scrum remains high across difficulty levels until chaos is reached at which stage there is no appropriate approach or procedure.

The technique for Scrum is composed of stages and tasks. The preparation, scheduling, production and release phases are in the process. Planning and planning plan the workload for the development phase, where all practical development is carried out iteratively, each Sprint produces a complete increase in the functionality of the product that can be released. The methodology shows the few objects and roles that are required. These artifacts and functions are organized in high-level tasks undertaken by each role within the phases. The tasks give information about what to do but not how to do it. Scrum is an agile way of doing things. The people applying for Scrum are provided with guidance, but flexibility and expertise will be needed to handle the project work and complete the activities.

To successfully complete every task, their review of the unique circumstances and characteristics of the project is mandatory. Scrum is not a cookbook. Here's a reference. The preparation of the three main managers of a Scrum project is a key part of the methodology: the Product Owner (or customer), the Scrum Master (or project manager), and the production team(s). Training gives these parties the information they need to apply Scrum intelligently to their project.

Scrum for Beginners : An Ultimate Guide to Increase Productivity and Performances


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