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Economic and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence: Economic and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence
: Domenico Marino, Melchiorre A. Monaca
: Springer
: 2020
: 170
: pdf (true), epub
: 10.7 MB

This book presents original research articles addressing various aspects of artificial intelligence as applied to economics, law, management and optimization. The topics discussed include economics, policies, finance, law, resource allocation strategies and information technology.

In the recent years, fuzzy analysis and fuzzy differential equations were proposed to handle uncertainty due to incomplete information that appears in many mathematical or computer models of some deterministic real world phenomena. This theory has been further developed and a wide number of applications of this theory have been considered in the real-world systems. This theory is attractive because it is based on a very intuitive, although somewhat subtle, idea capable of generating many intellectually appealing results that provide new insights to old, often-debated questions. Thereafter, the applications of this interesting theory are described in the mathematical modeling and show us the way to model the physical problems with fuzzy parameters. In the final step, some important numerical techniques are prescribed to solve fuzzy differential equations. Fuzzy differential equations (FDEs) are an interesting field of the analysis mathematics very useful for studying and solving large proportions of problems in many issue of applied mathematics, e.g. physics, geography, medicine, biology, control chaotic systems, bioinformatics and computational biology, synchronize hyperchaotic systems, economics and finance, and so on.

Combining the input of contributing professors and researchers from Italian and international universities, the book will be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners, as well as members of the general public interested in the economic and policy implications of artificial intelligence.

Economic and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence


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