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: Python Made Simple: Learn Python programming in easy steps with examples
: Rydhm Beri
: BPB Publications
: 2019
: 223
: 10 Mb
: English

In the last few years, python gained popularity and became the first choice of the students, teachers as well as professionals. It is being used in different fields such as education, software development, website development and also in various advanced research. In the field of education it allows students to learn the programming language in an easier and efficient manner. In the information technology field it can be used as a language for creating softwares as well as for web developments. It can be integrated with different platforms like Django. In research, Python programming can be used in simulation or it can be used for machine learning techniques.
The primary goal of this text is to create a pedagogically sound and accessible textbook that emphasises on core concepts of Python programming. The book contains lots of practical examples to show the working of a particular code construct. The book can be very helpful in order to learn the basic and advance concepts of python programming.
In the beginning of the book the focus is on the basic concepts related to core python programming starting from the installation phase of python interpreter to building the concepts for the reader towards python programming. Then the book moves towards the concept of different statements and programming conditions that python programming can handle in an easier manner. It then moves to the concepts related to object oriented programming and at last the reader will get to know about the database connectivity with the python program.

What will you learn
? You can learn the core concept related to python programming
? You will get to learn how to program in python
? You can learn how Python programming helps to solve computational problems
? By reading this book you can learn how to work with python
? You will get familiarity with the python programming concepts.
? You will learn how to operate idle IDE and how it can be used to write python program in easier way.

Who this book is for
The book is intended for anyone who wish to learn python programming language. This book also covers the syllabus of various universities and readers can use this book as a help in their academic education. This book can be used by readers to start with python programming from basics to advanced level even without having any prior knowledge of python programming.


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