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: Programming for idiots: Python programming for beginners
: Michael Codes
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: 2020
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The computer can only work with two types of signals: 1 or 0 (machine code). Write programs kind 1010101010010101010 is difficult for a person, his thinking is arranged differently, therefore language translator programs appeared human-readable programming on machine language that a computer can understand. Languages programming, which close to the machine level, called low-level languages (for example, language assembler). Another kind of languages are high-level languages (e.g. Python, Java, C#), more more close to human thinking.

Programming languages have an interesting history. They were not created from scratch, but for specific tasks facing their developers at that time, from here the scope of application of this or that programming language becomes clear. On the today there are thousands of programming languages, but the greatest role played only a few of them.

Python appears at about the same time as Java. Language developer - mathematician Guido van Rossum spent a long time developing the ABC language for learning programming. In one of the interviews, he answered the question about the type programmers for whom Python would be interesting: I imagined professional programmers in UNIX or UNIX-like environment. Guides for early versions of Python heralded something like Python closes the gap between C and shell programming", because that was what interested me and my closest colleagues. It never occurred to me that Python could be good language for embedding into applications, until they began to ask me about it. What it has proven to be useful for teaching the beginnings of programming in school or college, a fluke due to many characteristics of ABC that I retained: ABC was specially designed for teaching programming non-programmers".

To run programs in the language Python necessary program-interpreter (virtual machine) Python. This program hides from Python programmer has all the features of the operating system, therefore, by writing a Python program on a Windows system, it can be run on, for example, GNU/Linux and get the same result.

Programming for idiots: Python programming for beginners


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