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Learn to Code in 30 Days: with MiniScript and Mini Micro: Learn to Code in 30 Days: with MiniScript and Mini Micro
: Joe Strout
: MiniScript Press
: 2021
: 501
: epub
: 10.4 MB

If you have ever wanted to learn how to program computers, this is the book for you. Starting at Day 1 you will be writing code using a clean, simple programming language that was designed to be especially easy to learn! With step-by-step examples and clear explanations, this book will guide you from absolute beginner to sophisticated programmer. The skills you learn in this book will provide a firm foundation for programming in any language.

The code shown above is in a computer language called MiniScript, which you will learn over the next few weeks. MiniScript is just one of many computer languages. There are literally hundreds of languages in common use; some of the most famous ones are javascript, Python, C# (pronounced C sharp), and C++ (pronounced C plus plus). However, MiniScript is a particularly good choice for a beginning programmer. It was very carefully designed to be as simple as possible, while still being powerful enough to use in real, nontrivial programs. It is inspired by the best features of other languages, but lacks the baggage they all bring along. MiniScript is free, and can be used in a variety of ways, including to create your own games, simulations, and data analysis software.

Other languages can do similar things, but they are generally not quite as simple or easy to learn as MiniScript. New programmers often struggle learning the syntax of a language, that is, the rules about exactly how to write what youre trying to say. MiniScript is syntax-light it uses only the bare minimum of extra punctuation and odd symbols. Other languages tend to have more.

You will learn to:
Run programs on the web, on the command line, or in a virtual computer
Make programs with text, graphics, and sound
React to keyboard or game controller input
Organize large programs using functions and classes
Work with files and analyze data
Create games and animations using sprites and tiles
Convert algorithms from pseudocode into working code
Develop your own algorithms from scratch

Learn to Code in 30 Days: with MiniScript and Mini Micro


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