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: Spring Boot in Practice
: S. Musib
: Manning Publications
: 2022
: True PDF
: 584
: 38 Mb
: English

Go beyond the basics with Spring Boot! This practical guide presents dozens of relevant scenarios in a convenient problem-solution-discussion format.
Spring Boot in Practice covers dozens of handy Spring Boot development techniques, from basic functions to hidden features you probably didnt even know existed. Each recipe is built around a real-world problem, complete with a full solution and thoughtful discussion.
Youll work your way from fundamentals to advanced functionalities as you take deep dives into auto-configuration, security implementation, and even support for reactive application development. Learn how to work with Spring Boot and Kotlin, handling connections for multiple platforms, and how Spring Boot can simplify building microservices and APIs. Youre sure to keep this practical book on hand as a reference as you build your next Spring Boot apps.


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