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: Catalyst by Tutorials (3rd Edition)
: Marin Bencevic, Nick Bonatsakis, Andy Pereira
: Razeware LLC
: 2022
: pdf
: 238
: 20 mb

Run iOS apps Natively on macOS With Catalyst!
Catalyst by Tutorials shows you how to take all of those great apps youve built on iOS and run them right on macOS. But like everything else with Apple, its not always as straightforward as youd like it to be. This book will show you how to design your apps to work well on macOS, what you can and cant port between the two platforms, and any other gotchas to keep an eye out for when building apps under Catalyst.
This book is for developers who have a good handle on building iOS apps and want to learn how to port those apps to run on macOS as well.


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