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: Amazon Web Services in Action, 3rd Edition
: Andreas Wittig, Michael Wittig
: Manning Publications
: 2022 MEAP V3
: True PDF
: 213
: 25 Mb
: English

This bestselling guide reveals best practices for security, high availability, and scalability on AWS, the worlds most popular cloud. Its packed with techniques for automating your deployment, management, and even your infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code. Amazon Web Services in Action: An in-depth guide to AWS has helped thousands of developers succeed with the AWS cloud. This hands-on guide gives a complete introduction to computing, storage, and networking, along with best practices for all core AWS services. Amazon Web Services in Action, Third Edition: An in-depth guide to AWS is a comprehensive introduction to everything AWS. This revised edition covers all the core services in clear, plain language, including services such as AWS Lambda and CloudFormation. Throughout, youll automate your deployment, your scaling, and even your infrastructure management using powerful Infrastructure as Code tools. Youll learn how to secure network traffic with a private cloud, achieve high availability with autoscaling, share data with EFS, and deliver in-memory storage with ElastiCache. Real world examples like hosting a WordPress site and deploying a note-taking app on containers ensure youre always learning hands-on.


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