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Blockchain Tethered AI (Second Early Release): Blockchain Tethered AI: How to Tether Artificial Intelligence with Smart Contracts and Tamper-Evident Ledgers (Second Early Release)
: Karen Kilroy, Deepak Bhatta, Lynn Riley
: OReilly Media, Inc.
: 2022-10-07
: 166
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: 26.2 MB

Remove your doubts about AI and explore how this technology can be future-proofed using blockchain's smart contracts and tamper-evident ledgers. With this practical book, system architects, software engineers, and systems solution specialists will learn how enterprise blockchain provides permanent provenance of AI, removes the mystery, and allows you to validate AI before it's ever used.

Authors Karen Kilroy, Deepak Bhatta, and Lynn Riley explain that, while it sounds exciting, AI's ability to change itself through program synthesis could take the technology beyond human control. With this book, you'll learn an efficient way to solve this problem by building simple blockchain controls for verifying, tracking, tracing, auditing, and even reversing AI.

This book is intended for software architects and developers who want to write AI that can be kept under control. It assumes that the reader already has an understanding of AI systems and is aware of the concerns that arise from the release of these systems. It is also assumed that the reader is somewhat familiar with blockchain and how it works. In order to complete the exercises, the reader should first become familiar with NodeJS, Hyperledger Fabric, and TensorFlow, PyTorch, or another popular AI library, and be able to set up an appropriate development environment in which to perform the exercises.

Learn how to create and power AI marketplaces with blockchain
Understand why and how to implement on-chain AI governance
Control AI by learning methods to tether it to blockchain networks
Use blockchain cryptoanchors to detect common AI hacks
Learn methods for reversing tethered AI

Blockchain Tethered AI (Second Early Release)


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