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Julia as a Second Language (MEAP v8): Julia as a Second Language (MEAP v8)
: Erik Engheim
: Manning Publications
: 2022
: 308
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: 12.1 MB

Learn Julia programming by building fun projects, like launching rockets, building password keepers, and even coding battle simulations.

Dont be put off by Julias reputation as a scientific programming language. Theres no data science or numerical computing knowledge required. You can get started with what you learned in high school math classes.

Julia as a Second Language makes it easy to add Julia to your programming toolbox. Youll learn about Julias type system and data structures by modeling the launch of a space rocket, use dictionaries to parse Roman numerals, discover tuples and arrays through tracking pizza sales, and use Julias unique multiple dispatch feature to send knights and archers into a simulated battle. By the time youre finished, youll be confident in the foundations of Julia and ready to dive into a specialized field like machine learning or data science.

Julia as a Second Language (MEAP v8)


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