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: Full Stack Web Development: The Comprehensive Guide
: Philip Ackermann
: Rheinwerk Publishing
: 2023
: 800
: epub (true)
: 20.1 MB

Full stack web developers are always in demanddo you have the skillset? Between these pages youll learn to design websites with CSS, structure them with HTML, and add interactivity with javascript. Youll master the different web protocols, formats, and architectures and see how and when to use APIs, PHP, web services, and other tools and languages. With information on testing, deploying, securing, and optimizing web applications, youll get the full frontend and backend instructions you need!

HTML, CSS, javascript, web services, databases, DevOpsare now requirements for all full stack developers. Of course, deciding where to start and what exactly to focus on can be difficult. This book is intended to serve as both a roadmap and a guidebook for you. I would like to use my knowledge from more than 20 years in web and software development to teach you the most important basics for full stack development in a compact way. On one hand, I want to help you conquer your fear of sheer number of topics, and on the other hand, I want to teach you which topics are really important. No matter if related to frontend development or backend development; related to the implementation of web services or the selection of the right database; or related to topics like security, automated testing, or the deployment of web applications, in this book, youll find everything you need as a full stack developer.

Highlights include:

1) Frontend programming
2) Backend programming
4) CSS
5) javascript
6) APIs
7) Single-page applications
8) Web architecture
9) Testing
10) Deployment
11) Security
12) Optimization

Intended Audience:
The book is aimed primarily for newcomers to web development who want to gain a comprehensive overview of full stack development. Thus, you dont need previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, and or programming. This book is designed to guide you on the path to becoming a full stack developer and effectively teach you the important technologies.

Full Stack Web Development: The Comprehensive Guide


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