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: Acing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam (Final)
: Chad M. Crowell
: Manning Publications
: 2023
: 386
: epub (true), mobi
: 20.9 MB

Becoming a Kubernetes administrator is a big accomplishmentand passing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam can be a big boost to your career! Learn the hands on skills you need to ace the exam with clear teaching and hands-on exercises that match the unique CKA test environment.

In Acing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam youll learn how to
Administer an application running on Kubernetes
Troubleshoot errors inside a Kubernetes cluster
Authenticate users and machines to the Kubernetes API
Create persistent storage in Kubernetes
Add additional functionality to an existing Kubernetes cluster

Acing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam is your fast-track to becoming a Certified Kubernetes Administrator! Your expert exam tutor is Chad Crowell, whose courses have helped thousands of developers to understand Kubernetes and earn the coveted CKA certification. If youre familiar with Kubernetes, this book will ensure youre ready to pass in just one month of study. If youre brand new, this is the perfect primer to get started on your Kubernetes journey.

Go hands-on with all the exam objectives, including deploying containerized applications to Kubernetes, accessing an application from an ingress resource, and backup and restore. Plus, essential exam tips and exercises help you work out your mental muscle memory.

About the technology
The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam proves to your next employer that you can set up and manage Kubernetes clusters. In this rigorous test offered by the Linux Foundation, youll configure and manage production-grade clusters hands-on as a proctor watches. Simply put, if you arent ready, you wont pass.

About the book
Acing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam teaches every skill you need to pass the CKA. You cant hack this exam by learning a few test-taking tricks. Instead, youll master vital techniques like load balancing and networking with carefully designed exercises that you practice using the CKAs command-line interface. With this book, youll be confident and ready for exam day.

What's inside
Administer an application on Kubernetes
Troubleshoot errors in a Kubernetes cluster
Authenticate users and machines
Create persistent storage

About the reader
For readers who know the basics of containers and Linux admin. No Kubernetes experience required.

About the author
Chad M. Crowell is the author of dozens of courses on Kubernetes and DevOps with Pluralsight and INE. Chad is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

Acing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam (Final)


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