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Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X, 4th Edition
: Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X, 4th Edition
: Patrick Wood, Stephen G. Kochan
: Addison-Wesley Professional
: 2016
: 456
: 10 Mb
: English

Shell Programming in Unix, Linux and OS X is a thoroughly updated revision of Kochan and Woods classic Unix Shell Programming tutorial. Following the methodology of the original text, the book focuses on the POSIX standard shell, and teaches you how to develop programs in this useful programming environment, taking full advantage of the underlying power of Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

After a quick review of Unix utilities, the books authors take you step-by-step through the process of building shell scripts, debugging them, and understanding how they work within the shells environment. All major features of the shell are covered, and the large number of practical examples make it easy for you to build shell scripts for your particular applications. The book also describes the major features of the Korn and Bash shells.

Learn how to

Take advantage of the many utilities provided in the Unix system
Write powerful shell scripts
Use the shells built-in decision-making and looping constructs
Use the shells powerful quoting mechanisms
Make the most of the shells built-in history and command editing capabilities
Use regular expressions with Unix commands
Take advantage of the special features of the Korn and Bash shells
Identify the major differences between versions of the shell language
Customize the way your Unix system responds to you
Set up your shell environment
Make use of functions
Debug scripts


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