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: Hands-on ML Projects with OpenCV: Master computer vision and Machine Learning using OpenCV and Python
: Mugesh S.
: Orange Education Pvt Ltd, AVA
: August 2023
: 355
: pdf, epub (true)
: 13.3 MB

Be at your A game in building Intelligent systems by leveraging Computer vision and Machine Learning. This book is an in-depth guide that merges machine learning techniques with OpenCV, the most popular computer vision library, using Python. The book introduces fundamental concepts in Machine Learning and computer vision, progressing to practical implementation with OpenCV. Concepts related to image preprocessing, contour and thresholding techniques, motion detection and tracking are explained in a step-by-step manner using code and output snippets. Hands-on projects with real-world datasets will offer you an invaluable experience in solving OpenCV challenges with machine learning. Its an ultimate guide to explore areas like Deep Learning, transfer learning, and model optimization, empowering readers to tackle complex tasks. Every chapter offers practical tips and tricks to build effective ML models. This book is for everyone with a basic understanding of programming and who wants to apply machine learning in computer vision using OpenCV and Python.
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: Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures 3: Learn Linear Data Structures with Videos & Interview Questions
: Bolakale Aremu
: Ojula Technology Innovations
: September 2023
: 271
: pdf, epub
: 10.2 MB

This playbook is the third volume of the series Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures. It is written in the form of a course. It is a very comprehensive data structures and algorithms book. Most data structure books and courses are too academic and boring. They have too much math and their codes look ugly, old and disgusting! This book is bundled with tutorial videos that are fun and easy to follow along, and show you how to write beautiful code like a software engineer, not a mathematician. Mastering data structures and algorithms is essential to getting your dream job. So, don't waste your time browsing disconnected tutorials or super long, boring courses. In this volume, we use Java to teach the concepts but you can apply these concepts in any programming language. Our focus is on problem-solving, not programming languages and tools. All you need to understand the codes are some basic programming skills, which were already taught in the first and second volumes of the series. Alternatively, if you already know variables, loops, and conditional statements, you're good to go.
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: Code is for Humans: A guide to human-centric software engineering. Part I. Theory
: Zohar Jackson
: Leanpub
: September 15, 2023
: 141
: pdf (true)
: 10.2 MB

To write better code and build better products we must understand why engineering and design often fail. Why is it so difficult to write bug-free code? Why do people fail to use products? And why do engineering projects go sideways? The answer to these questions lies in the shortcomings of human cognition and the nature of complexity. This book explores these topics and presents a human-centric approach to software engineering. An approach that considers and compensates for our cognitive biases, cognitive weaknesses, and the chaotic nature of the universe. The ideas presented will help you write better code, build better products, and be a more effective engineer. Their years of university Computer Science education had failed them by focusing on algorithms and the theoretical. Valuable knowledge, but not very useful in solving the problems engineers face on a daily basis. These graduates were never taught what engineering is. What are its fundamental concepts and practices?
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: From javascript to Rust: Map common javascript and Node.js workflows to the Rust ecosystem
: Jarrod Overson, Vino Technologies
: Independently published
: 2022
: 166
: pdf (true)
: 10.9 MB

Each chapter will take concepts you know in javascript and Node.js and translate them to their Rust counterparts. The first chapters start with the basics, like getting set up with Rust via a tool similar to nvm (rustup), using the package manager (cargo), and setting up VS Code. Later chapters go over language gotchas, how to perform common javascript tasks in Rust, and well finish up by touching on solid dependencies to start adding to your projects. Why Rust? You could use C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Kotlin, Haskell or a hundred others. Rust is notoriously difficult even for system programmers to get into. Rusts tooling and support for WebAssembly is better than everything else out there. You can rewrite CPU-heavy javascript logic into Rust and run it as WebAssembly. Which basically makes you a superhero. With javascript and Rust, theres nothing you cant handle. This book is not a deep, comprehensive Rust tutorial. Its meant to bootstrap experienced programmers into Rust. Well take common Node.js workflows and idiomatic javascript and TypeScript and map them to their Rust counterparts.
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: Beginner's Guide to Unity Shader Graph: Create Immersive Game Worlds Using Unity's Shader Tool
: Alvaro Alda
: Apress
: 2023
: 453
: pdf (true), epub (true)
: 83.5 MB

Discover how shaders can enhance your game and mesmerize players by making graphic gameplay elements more realistic and attractive. This book provides easy-to-follow recipes that will show you how to leverage the Unity Shader Graph to create more immersive, enjoyable games. Author ?lvaro Alda takes you through each effect step by step, so that you gain a foundational understanding of how they are created using the Shader Graph tool. Practical projects help you put what youre learning into context, from simple effects like 3D scan lines to more complicated effects such as black holes, bubble particles, water, and even interactive snow. Twelve different effects are demonstrated, to cover almost everything related to shader graph. On completing this book, you will have a thorough understanding of the Shader Graph tool and samples to replicate and continue learning from. Whether you are an indie game developer or technical artist, Beginner's Guide to Unity Shader Graph will give you the confidence to use the Shader Graph tool to create games that will keep players glued to their screens.
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: Node.js
: . , . , T. , .
: 2014
: 548
: pdf
: 12

javascript - . Node.js, V8 javascript . Node.js javascript - API ( C++), , , javascript-.
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: 2023
: pdf
: 464
: Mirknig.su
: 22,9

, , . . , . , Python . , , , .
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: Go Cookbook: Expert Solutions for Commonly Needed Go Tasks (Final Release)
: Sau Sheong Chang
: OReilly Media, Inc.
: 2023
: 445
: epub (true), mobi, pdf
: 12.5 MB

Go is an increasingly popular language for programming everything from web applications to distributed network services. This practical guide provides recipes to help you unravel common problems and perform useful tasks when working with Go. Each recipe includes self-contained code solutions that you can freely use, along with a discussion of how and why they work. Programmers new to Go can quickly ramp up their knowledge while accomplishing useful tasks, and experienced Go developers can save time by cutting and pasting proven code directly into their applications.
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: Learning Advanced Python by Studying Open Source Projects
: Rongpeng Li
: CRC Press
: The Python Series
: 2024
: 139
: pdf (true), djvu
: 10.2 MB

This book is one of its own kind. It is not an encyclopedia or a hands-on tutorial that traps readers in the tutorial hell. It is a distillation of just one common Python users learning experience. The experience is packaged with exceptional teaching techniques, careful dependence unraveling and, most importantly, passion. Learning Advanced Python by Studying Open Source Projects helps readers overcome the difficulty in their day-to-day tasks and seek insights from solutions in famous open source projects. Different from a technical manual, this book mixes the technical knowledge, real-world applications and more theoretical content, providing readers with a practical and engaging approach to learning Python. Throughout this book, readers will learn how to write Python code that is efficient, readable and maintainable, covering key topics such as data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming and more. The authors passion for Python shines through in this book, making it an enjoyable and inspiring read for both beginners and experienced programmers.
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: Mathematics for Machine Learning: A Deep Dive into Algorithms
: Nibedita Sahu
: Independently published
: 2023
: 258
: pdf, mobi, epub (true)
: 10.2 MB

"Mathematics for Machine Learning: A Deep Dive into Algorithms" is a comprehensive guide that bridges the gap between mathematical theory and practical applications in the dynamic world of Machine Learning. Whether you're a data science enthusiast, a budding Machine Learning engineer, or a seasoned practitioner, this book equips you with the essential mathematical foundations that power cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven insights. Starting with the fundamentals of linear algebra, multivariable calculus, probability, and statistics, Nibedita expertly guides you through the intricate maze of mathematical concepts. From there, you'll explore the depths of linear regression, classification, support vector machines, neural networks, and more, all while unraveling the underlying mathematical principles that make these algorithms tick. This book isn't just about equations and formulas--it's about unlocking the potential of Machine Learning through a strong mathematical intuition.
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