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: Shooting Times Guide to Accuracy: How to Be a Top Shot with Rifle, Shotgun, or Handgun
: Editors of Shooting Times and Joel Hutchcroft
: Skyhorse Publishing
: 2017
: 33
: / English

Shooting Times Guide to Accuracy provides what all loyal audiences of Shooting Times magazine already love but with a specific focus on accuracy. A vast range of topics are covered, including:

A common sense approach to better marksmanship
Long-range military accuracy
Handloading for accuracy
Scope techniques for long-range shooting
Improving your accuracy with airguns, shotguns, and handguns
Twist rates and accuracy
And much more!

Discover tried and true tips, tactics, and techniques from the pros along with advice on buying gear and firearms from experts including J. Guthrie, Layne Simpson, Richard Mann, Reid Coffield, and David M. Fortier. Shooting Times Guide to Accuracy covers everything you need to know about improving your marksmanship.


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