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: Beginning Oil: Tips and Techniques for Learning to Paint in Oil
: Jan Murphy
: Walter Foster Publishing
: 2017
: True PDF
: 131
: 25.4 Mb
: English

Beginning Oil's collection of step-by-step exercises and practice projects will have you painting lovely works like the classic masters in no time.
Beginning Oil is a well-rounded introduction to the art of basic oil painting. This introductory guide to the medium describes and explains everything you'll needed to paint your own oil masterpieces, including tools and materials, color essentials and theory, design and composition, still life painting, landscape painting, painting en plein air, and more.
There's no need to be intimidated by the prospect of painting with this classic medium. In Beginning Oil, the techniques are clearly explained and beautifully illustrated on each page. You will master key concepts with ease, and then put them into practice quickly.
Dry, repetitive exercises on blank canvases are a thing of the past with Beginning Oil. Let this collection of step-by-step exercises serve as your instructor as you learn by practicing each technique within a larger work, making oil painting approachable and accessible and, most importantly, fun!


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