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: Botanical Art with Scientific Illustration
: Sarah Jane Humphrey
: Crowood
: 2018
: epub
: 179
: 69.7 Mb
: English

Botanical and scientific illustration share many common themes - the meticulous observation, the crucial composition, the precision of rendering and the accuracy of colour are all intrinsic to this niche genre of art. In this beautiful book, Sarah Jane Humphrey explains the techniques of the botanical artist but also introduces ideas for scientific illustration, so that the illustrator has a fuller understanding when rendering the natural world. Detailed instruction on all aspects of illustration is given, from application and materials to research and field trips. There is practical advice on using monochrome and colour theory to bring your illustration to life. Illustrated with over 200 of the author's exquisite illustrations, it is an invaluable companion for both beginners and experienced artists, as well as a source of inspiration and joy. Beautifully illustrated with 429 colour illustrations including 200 of the author's own illustrations.


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