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The Painter's Craft: An Introduction to Artists' Methods and Materials
: The Painter's Craft: An Introduction to Artists' Methods and Materials
: Ralph Mayer
: Penguin Books
: 1979
: 204
: 30 MB
: English

The craft first, then the artfor the painter's art is founded upon his mastery of the craft. Yet craftsmanship is now in decline as students rely more and more on premixed paints and preprimed canvas. These students are losing the ultimate artistic freedom that only an absolute command of materials can give. No matter what their aesthetic intentions, no matter whether they aim for the tight draftsmanship of traditional styles or the liberated forms of the modern manner, no painters, no would-be painters, can afford to overlook the basic elements of the painter's craft. Ralph Mayer is both an artist and an experienced paint chemist. In these pages he explores the widest spectrum of materials, from the ancient and almost forgotten encaustic, or wax-based paint, to the newest synthetics and acrylics, including a full discussion of solvents, thinners, glues, brushes, sprayers, and wood panels. He also reviews the essentials of technique: selecting and stretching canvas, preparing hardboards for use as grounds, mixing glues, grinding pigment and mixing oil paint, filling paint tubes, making egg tempera, and hand-rolling pastel sticks. The artist's studio itself is scrutinized, and there are many valuable suggestions for setting up adequate and safe work space. Here is an exciting introduction for beginners, an indispensable source book for both amateur and professional painters.


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