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: Portfolio: Beginning Colored Pencil: Tips and techniques for learning to draw in colored pencil
: Eileen Sorg
: Walter Foster Publishing
: 2017
: epub
: 28.4 Mb
: English

What medium is as immediately relatable as the colored pencil? Vibrant, versatile, and familiar, the simple colored pencil is the proverbial first step on your journey to becoming an artist. Beginning Colored Pencil is an inviting and approachable guide loaded with everything an aspiring artist needs to know about colored pencil, including tools, materials, composition, and color theory.
Walter Fosters Portfolio series takes a technique-driven approach, emphasizing topics like blending, shading, and creating form and texture to provide a well-rounded approach that allows readers to master key concepts. Try step-by-step demonstrations with a fresh, contemporary design to keep lessons vibrant, so you can practice your fresh, new skills. Get in touch with your inner creativity, and dive into colored pencils today!


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