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: How to Draw Anatomy for Comics 2: The Comic Art Drawing Lessons Sequel
: Stan Bendis Kutcher
: ProClaim
: 2019
: epub/azw3, true pdf
: 120
: 14.6 Mb, 12.1 Mb
: English

The exciting follow-up to How to Draw Anatomy for Comics has arrived!
This book gives helpful tips to draw comic figures whether you are a newbie or simply want to improve your drawings skills. Let How to Draw Anatomy for Comics 2 guide you on your quest to improve your comic drawing skills and kick-start your artistic ability.
Walk through the process of drawing with easy to follow steps and images.Become familiar with drawing figures by using basic shapes and gesturedrawing. As you progress, learn how to draw comic faces and heads aswell as to make them appear three dimensional. Also learn to draw in perspective, in proportion, and how to use rendering techniques. Finally, put everything you've learned together to create awesome characters. This book contains 120 pages of easy to follow steps and full color images on How to Draw Anatomy for Comics.
Chapter Overview:
Drawing Materials - Gives a basic overview of the materials you need.
Drawing Fundamentals - The basics of drawing are discussed such as basic shapes gesture drawing, perspective, and light and shadows.
Basic Anatomy - A short overview of human anatomy is given. Gesture drawing anddrawing figures in proportion are discussed, including drawing different age groups in proportion.
Facial Features - Instructions and images are given on how to draw the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
Drawing the Head - The basics of drawing is used to show you how to draw the head andfeatures. Also included is tips on drawing facial expressions.
Drawing Hands & Feet - The principles that has been discussed previously are used to explain how to draw hands and feet.
Creating Characters - This chapter shows you how to apply what you've learned to create characters.


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