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: Manga Workshop Characters: How to Draw and Color Faces and Figures
: Sophie Chan
: IMPACT Books
ISBN: 1440340234
: 2015
: 128
: Mirknig.su
: 28,1

The manga universe is diverse--full of cute chibis, soulful romantics, cunning villains and sassy schoolgirls. Whether you want to tell love stories, create fantasy worlds or explore the drama of everyday life, you can do it with the help of self-taught manga artist and YouTube celebrity Sophie-Chan. You'll learn to draw personality-filled characters and create unique manga stories from start to finish, even if you've never drawn manga before!
Inside Manga Workshop:
30+ start-to-finish demonstrations teach you to draw women, men and children of all ages, perspectives and personality types, including classic manga schoolgirls, the boy next door, businesswomen, rock stars and gothic vampires.
The Face. Using simple shapes, draw different eyes, noses and mouths to create endless expressions, from blushing surprise and happiness to full-blown tears--even cool hairstyles!


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