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: En Plein Air: Watercolor
: Ron Stocke
: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 1633226166
: 2018
: 128
: Mirknig.su
: 38,1

For artists looking to grow beyond the studio, En Plein Air: Watercolor is the definitive resource for experiencing the rewards and invigoration of watercolor painting on location.
En Plein Air: Watercolor introduces beginning artists and fine-art enthusiasts to the core concepts of painting on location. This guide will have you fully prepared for a day of painting outdoors. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive list of what to pack to maximize your time, learn how to choose a subject and interpret it for a composition, discover how to deal with the challenges of shadows and shifting natural light, and hone your watercolor techniques.
The collection of step-by-step projects will help you gain new artistic skills as you create unique, dynamic artwork outside the studio. Perfect for artists looking to break outside the norm, En Plein Air: Watercolor is your complete guide to experiencing the unique rewards of painting on location with the invigorating medium of watercolor.


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